Principal's Message

Highland Park Parents!

I would like to highlight some examples of Excellence and Equity at Highland Park. 

Our Red Ribbon Week was a huge success thanks to the work of Jenny Kearl and our PTA. 

We have dedicated parents who volunteer their time to make sure students are safe in the drop-off zones.  Please remember to thank them!

I observed in several classrooms this last week: Sierra Hendriksen provided an opportunity for her kindergarten students to be scientists and make predictions if items would sink or float.  The last item was a huge pumpkin. Check out the photos and see if your prediction matched the result.  Every student was engaged! Our art teacher, Regina Stenberg was working with 3rd-grade students to create animals in their habitat.  Examples of student art are displayed in the Skyroom.  Rebecca Hess, our morning kindergarten teacher, was working on blending words with her students.  Erin Agrimson, one of our 4th-grade teachers, has the best voice impersonation of a witch there ever was.  Her students were totally wrapped up in the story!  They were also talking about context clues using science text.  Chris Moray, one of our kindergarten teachers, was teaching students how to be great writers and including details in their sentences.  Each student has their own writing journal, and it is amazing to see the progress students are making in their journals.  Mary Taylor, one of our 6th-grade teachers, conducted a food web tag activity to help students understand the ecosystem.  Students were observed making connections with current situations that impact our environment. 

Several of our teachers have made the goal to communicate with families through newsletters, Remind app, Instagram, and other tools.  I hope this helps you feel more connected to what is happening in the classroom and at school.  I am impressed with their efforts to keep parents informed.  The Highland Park team is incredible!

We are looking for a parent who is interested in providing recess supervision in the morning and can sub for lunch supervision as needed.  Please let me know if you are interested.

I hope you enjoyed the extended weekend with your children!  We look forward to having them return. 


Have a wonderful week,


Debora Cluff

Highland Park Principal

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