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School Community Council (SCC)

School Community Council

School Community Councils (SCCs) improve educational programs and conditions at public schools. Councils operate using the shared governance approach: collaborative, site-based decision making to meet individual school improvement goals. Every public school in Utah has a community council consisting of two elected groups: parents and teachers/administrators.

The Highland Park SCC has responsibilities defined both by the Salt Lake City School District and the Utah Legislature. Two of our biggest responsibilities are assisting in the development of School Improvement Plans (SIPs) and LAND Trust Plans. SCCs also work on issues brought forth by parents, staff, and faculty (local examples are school walking safety and arts funding).

How can I get involved with Highland Park SCC?

  • Attend meetings – 3rd Thursday of every month at 6PM
  • Read the minutes – available on school website
  • Become an elected member – parents represent their neighborhood communities and serve a 2-year term
  • Contact the SCC chairperson with questions and concerns to be addressed


School Community Council Meetings

We invite you to attend the Highland Park SCC meetings to learn about our greatest academic needs and our School Improvement Plan, and to help in the decision-making process for using LAND Trust funds. At Highland Park we also regularly discuss school safety, budgets, and District news, and talk about other important issues affecting our school. You have a voice! Together we can make a positive difference in the education of our children.

SCC Meetings are regularly held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6PM.   

School Community Council Members

Stephanie Fulton SCC Chair 801-243-1822
Alison Barrington Vice Chair 740-590-2932
Debora Cluff Principal 801-481-4833 
Selene Mansfield Vice Principal 801-481-4833
Mercedes Barica School Employee 801-481-4833 ext. 1510
Valarie Blamires School Employee 801-481-4833
Stephanie Russell Parent 801-573-2210
 Brittany Butterfield Parent  
Amy Beckler Parent 801-244-5999
Karen Otto Parent 435-770-1239
Jennifer Kearl Parent/District Employee 801-680-7417
Chris Averett Parent 801-867-4834


School Community Council Meetings