Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does school get out on Fridays and Early Dismissal Days?


  • When does my child have lunch?
    LUNCH SCHEDULE Monday thru Thursday Friday
    All day K 10:55-11:30 10:55-11:30
    Rms 145 11:15-11:50 11:15-11:50
    1st Grade 11:15-11:50 11:15-11:50
    2nd Grade 11:25-12:00 11:25-12:00
    3rd Grade 11:35-12:10 11:35-12:10
    4th Grade 11:50-12:25 11:50-12:25
    Rms 167,177 11:50-12:25 11:50-12:25
    Rm 136 12:00-12:35 12:00-12:35
      Monday, Wednesday  
    5th Grade 12:15-12:50  
    6th Grade 12:00-12:35  
    5th Grade 12:00-12:35 12:00-12:35
    6th Grade 12:15-12:50 12:00-12:35


  • How do we report a student absence?

    To report a student’s absence, please call  801-481-4833. Most students will be absent a day or two of school from time to time due to a family emergency or sickness. Parents may EXCUSE up to 8 absences with a call to the school and a written note. On the day that your child needs to miss school, call the office to report the absence. When your child returns, write a short note to turn in to the office or turn in a doctor’s note if you went to the doctor, so that we can verify that the absence was excused. Most children do not need to miss more than 8 days in a school year, but if that occurs bring a note from your doctor and the absence will be marked excused. If you do not call or bring in a doctor’s note when your child is absent, the absence will be marked UNEXCUSED. Too many unexcused absences can result in a court hearing with many possible consequences. By law, Highland Park staff must keep track of unexcused absences and must send out citations to parents if there are too many unexcused absences. Help us avoid this by always excusing your child’s absences.

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  • What do I need to do when visiting the school?

    All visitors, parents and guardians are required to sign in with the office when you are in school. Please stop by the office to sign in and receive a visitor badge.

  • Where do students and parents go for lost and found?

    There is a Lost and Found bin in the office.

  • Highland Park Emergency Plan

    Click on this link for Highland Park’s Emergency Plan: Highland Park Emergency Plan

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